Future Price Movement


  1. Please advise whether volume based PCR or OI based PCR is more relevant to take decisions on Options market. What is the ratio level to be taken to either BUY Call option or BUY Put option. I read somewhere above 1.5 (volume based), it is BUY puts and less than 1.0 it is BUY Calls. Is that correct? I thank you in advance for your help - R Narayanan, Chennai

  2. sir where can we get daily nifty future values which were posted by you on sirs blog before many thanks

  3. sir, this site is very useful for option trader, but when u up dated OI EOD DATA. this OI EOD data can be available on any other site or blogger pls inform, because this data is very useful to us.

  4. hello sir ,

    how r u ?

    want to know market pulse is not posted data


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